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  Long Live
Come back and tell me why
I'm feeling like I've missed you all this time.
Meet me there tonight
And let me know that it's not all in my mind.
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Who doesn’t want to shoot for “Vogue”? I remember updating my Facebook status to say “Doing my ‘Vogue’ today”, it was so exciting. I thought it would be really intimidating, and I don’t like photoshoots, but that was the most relaxed one I’ve done.

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And the most painful gifset of the year goes to…..

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'Drop Of Rain' - Patagonia, United States Of America

By Single Step Photography

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"Once you’ve established that someone doesn’t belong in your life, I don’t understand what more there is to talk about. I walk away from things when they’re bad. I don’t stick around to watch them burn to the ground." - taylorswift

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I don’t really look around and say, ‘I’ve made it.’ i just look around and think how fortunate i am to work with the people i’m working with.
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